How to secure a holiday rental in the Lake District with a private fishing pier?

So, you've decided to take a holiday in the charming Lake District? How wonderful! This area is a unique blend of tranquil lakes, towering peaks, and picturesque villages that make it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. But what if you're not just looking for a place to stay, but a home away from home? A place where you can fish right from your backyard, or take a leisurely stroll along the beach? In this guide, we will show you how to secure a holiday rental in the Lake District with a private fishing pier. Read on to discover the ins and outs of finding the perfect vacation house for you and your family.

Finding Your Ideal Holiday Rental

Finding the perfect holiday rental can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. With so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through the world of Lake District holiday rentals.

Start by deciding what is important to you in a holiday rental. Do you want a place with a private fishing pier? A beachfront property? Or maybe a cottage with a cozy fireplace? Make a list of your must-haves and use it as a guide when searching for rentals.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want, you can start your search. There are many websites and apps where you can find holiday rentals, such as Airbnb,, and HomeAway. You can also reach out to local real estate agencies in the Lake District area, as they often have listings for vacation rentals.

Choosing a Family-Friendly Area

Choosing the right area for your holiday is crucial, especially if you're traveling with family. The Lake District is a family-friendly district with plenty to do for kids and adults alike. But different areas of the district have different vibes, and it's important to choose one that fits your family's needs and interests.

For a family-friendly holiday, you might consider the area around Lake Windermere. This is the largest lake in the district and offers a wide range of activities, including boating, fishing, and hiking. The area also has a good selection of family-friendly restaurants and shops. Alternatively, the town of Keswick is known for its warm, friendly atmosphere and is a great place to find a holiday rental.

Checking the Rental's Rating and Reviews

Before you book a rental, it's important to read reviews and check the rating. This can give you a good idea of what to expect from your stay. Look for rentals with a high rating and positive reviews. Pay special attention to reviews from people who have stayed at the rental with their families, as they can provide insight into how family-friendly the rental is.

Besides checking the overall rating, also read reviews for specific aspects of the rental, such as cleanliness, location, and amenities. This can help you find a rental that not only has a high overall rating but also excels in the areas that are important to you.

Securing Your Rental

Once you've found the perfect rental, it's time to secure it. This typically involves paying a deposit and signing a rental agreement. The deposit is usually a percentage of the total rental price and is used to secure your booking. The rental agreement outlines the terms and conditions of your stay, including check-in and check-out times, cancellation policies, and any rules or restrictions.

Before you sign the rental agreement, make sure to read it carefully. If there's anything you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask the owner or rental agency for clarification.

Making the Most of Your Stay

Now that you've secured your rental, it's time to start planning your holiday. Think about what activities you want to do during your stay. If you've chosen a rental with a private fishing pier, you'll probably want to spend some time fishing. You might also want to explore the local area, visit the nearby beach, or simply relax in your rental and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Remember, your holiday is a time to relax and enjoy yourself. So, whether you're fishing from your private pier, exploring the local park, or having a cozy night in at your cottage, make sure to enjoy every moment of your Lake District holiday.

Ensuring Your Rental Has Necessary Facilities

A holiday is a time to unwind and pursue hobbies, so ensuring your rental has all the necessary facilities is key. When searching for the perfect holiday rental, it's essential to consider your holiday activities. If your dream vacation involves fishing in the tranquility of the Lake District, securing a rental with a private fishing pier is a must.

Begin by checking the details of the vacation homes you're interested in. Be thorough, and ensure that the property comes with all the facilities you require. Remember, the perfect rental should cater not only to your basic needs, but should also enrich your holiday experience. If you plan on fishing, a private fishing pier is beneficial. If you're an avid cook, a well-equipped kitchen might be at the top of your list.

Also, think about the number of people the rental can comfortably accommodate. If you're travelling with your family, ensure the rental has enough bedrooms and bathroom facilities. Always cross-reference the facilities mentioned in the listing with the photographs provided, to get a clearer picture of what's on offer.

While the Lake District in the United Kingdom is famous for its picturesque scenery, it is also home to many luxurious vacation rentals that come with additional facilities like hot tubs, private gardens, and barbeque areas. Don't forget to make use of the "filter" option on rental websites. This will help you to find rentals with specific facilities, such as a private fishing pier.

Understanding the Pricing and Policies

Understanding the pricing and policies of the holiday rental is another crucial aspect. Not all rentals in the Lake District, or even the United Kingdom, have uniform pricing structures or policies. Some rentals have a fixed price, while others might have variable prices depending on the season or the number of nights secured.

When securing a holiday rental, always read the fine print. Check if there are any additional charges like cleaning fees, service charges, or taxes. If you're booking through a website like Airbnb or HomeAway, you'll likely find a detailed breakdown of all the costs involved.

Many vacation rentals also require a security deposit. This deposit is usually refundable and is used to cover any potential damages that might occur during your stay. Make sure to understand the conditions under which you'll receive your deposit back.

In addition, take time to read the cancellation policies. In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your trip, you should be aware of the repercussions. Some rentals offer full refunds if you cancel within a certain period, while others might only offer a partial refund.

Remember, securing a holiday rental that fits your needs and budget takes time and research. But the effort will be well worth it when you find the perfect spot to enjoy your Lake District holiday.


Securing a holiday rental in the Lake District with a private fishing pier is no small feat, given the popularity of this destination. But with careful planning, consideration, and research, you can find a place that suits your needs. Whether it's a cozy cottage in Keswick or a luxurious villa by Lake Windermere, remember to consider the location, facilities, pricing, and policies.

Always pay attention to the average rating and reviews from previous guests. They can give you valuable insights into the quality of the rental. Lastly, don't forget to make the most of your stay. The Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has so much to offer, from its national park to its charming villages. Enjoy the tranquil setting, whether you're fishing on your private pier or exploring the natural beauty of the area. After all, a holiday is about relaxation and creating unforgettable memories.

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