What are the options for gluten-free dining at London’s Borough Market?

Welcome, dear food enthusiasts! If you are hunting for gluten-free options without compromising on taste and variety, then London's Borough Market is a place that should be high on your list. This guide is designed to help you navigate the food labyrinth of this iconic market. It will explore some of the best gluten-free food offerings and restaurants within this bustling hub, ensuring that your visit is full of delightful culinary experiences.

Discovering Gluten-Free Fare at Borough Market

Borough Market, a historic food paradise in London, is a gastronomical haven for all foodies, including those looking for gluten-free choices. The market is a melting pot of international and British cuisine, with a wide range of vendors offering gluten-free options. Here, you will learn about some great places to start your gluten-free food journey.

One such place is the Free From Bakehouse, which offers a mouthwatering array of gluten-free pastries, bread, and cakes. Everything on the menu is gluten-free, and they also have a selection of dairy-free and vegan options.

If you're craving for an explosion of flavors, then do try Gourmet Goat. They offer a gluten-free menu including dishes like kid goat kofta and Eastern Mediterranean veggie dishes. Next, head over to Elpiniki, which offers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options in their Greek and Middle Eastern-inspired menu.

Gluten-Free Restaurants Near Borough Market

While Borough Market is packed with vendors offering gluten-free food, there are also several restaurants around the market that cater to gluten-free dietary needs. These establishments offer a sit-down dining experience and a myriad of cuisines to choose from.

First up is Roast. Located in The Floral Hall, this restaurant is famous for its British menu. They offer a variety of gluten-free options, including fish and chips, roast beef, and even a full English breakfast.

Another option is Rabot 1745, a unique restaurant that brings a taste of Saint Lucia to London. Almost all their dishes can be made gluten-free. Try their delicious cacao-infused creations for a unique dining experience.

Gluten-Free Vegan Options at Borough Market

Being gluten-free and vegan can sometimes seem like a challenge when dining out. However, Borough Market offers a plethora of options for those adhering to this diet. There are food stalls that specialize in vegan food and are also mindful of gluten-free requirements.

Ethiopian Flavours is one such stall where the majority of their vegan dishes are also gluten-free. Their menu is filled with options such as lentil stews, vegetable curries, and their famous Injera, a gluten-free flatbread.

The Big V burger stall is another must-visit. It serves up vegan burgers and fries, with all patties being gluten-free. They've got an incredible selection of toppings, making it a hot spot for vegan and gluten-free visitors.

Gluten-Free Food Shops in Borough Market

Not only does Borough Market have a wide variety of dining options, but it also has shops where you can buy gluten-free ingredients to whip up your own meals. These stores offer a range of products, from fresh produce to dry goods.

A visit to the market is incomplete without a stop at the Borough Olives. Here, you'll find a variety of olives, nuts, seeds, and more - many of which are gluten-free. Their offerings are perfect for creating your own gluten-free Mediterranean-inspired dishes at home.

Another store that deserves a mention is Spice Mountain. This place is a treasure trove of spices, herbs, and seasonings from around the world, many of which are gluten-free. These spices can be a great addition to your gluten-free cooking, adding a burst of flavor to your dishes.

Gluten-Free Brewery Options in Borough Market

And let's not forget about beverages! Borough Market also has breweries that offer gluten-free beer. For beer lovers following a gluten-free diet, this is a dream come true!

The market is home to several breweries, and The Market Porter is one that stands out. It offers a selection of gluten-free beers, allowing you to enjoy a pint without worrying about your dietary restrictions.

Thus, whether you’re a resident Londoner or a visitor, Borough Market is a must-visit for all food lovers. Its wide range of gluten-free options ensures that everyone can indulge in delicious food while adhering to their dietary needs. So, plan your visit soon and embark on a delightful gastronomic journey. After all, good food is meant to be enjoyed by all!

Gluten-Free Afternoon Tea Options Near Borough Market

London is renowned for its afternoon tea tradition. Thankfully, for those with dietary restrictions, there are several locations near Borough Market that offer gluten-free afternoon tea.

One of these is the Tea House Theatre. It offers a full, traditional afternoon tea set complete with sandwiches, scones and pastries, all gluten-free. There are also vegetarian and dairy-free options available, making it a perfect place for everyone to enjoy.

Another great spot is The Tea Clipper. Famous for their selection of teas, this café offers a gluten-free menu that includes finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, and an assortment of gluten-free cakes and pastries. They also carry a variety of plant-based milks for those who are dairy-free.

Finally, there's The Pavilion, located in the heart of Kensington Gardens. With a dedicated gluten-free menu, it offers sandwiches, pastries, and fresh fruits, served with your choice of tea. You can enjoy your afternoon tea while taking in the beautiful view of the park.

Ensuring Cross-Contact Prevention at Borough Market

Even with a myriad of gluten-free options available at Borough Market, it's essential to be aware of cross-contact. Cross contact can occur when foods or utensils come into contact with gluten, making the food unsafe for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Several vendors and restaurants in Borough Market are aware of this and take necessary precautions to avoid cross-contact. These establishments use separate utensils and workspaces for their gluten-free preparation, ensuring a safe dining experience.

However, it's always best to ask and ensure that the food you're purchasing is truly gluten-free. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how the food was prepared and what measures the vendor or restaurant takes to avoid cross contact.

Conclusion: Your Guide to Gluten-Free Dining at Borough Market

In conclusion, Borough Market in London is a food lover's paradise that caters to all, including those following a gluten-free diet. From mouthwatering dishes at food stalls and restaurants, gluten-free vegan options, to shops selling gluten-free ingredients, Borough Market truly has something for everyone.

While enjoying the array of foods, it's also crucial to be aware of cross contact and ensure that the food you're consuming is safe for your dietary needs. So whether you're a London resident or a visitor, Borough Market promises a delightful and inclusive gastronomic experience for all.

Remember, this guide is just a starting point. The joy of Borough Market is in its diversity and surprise. Wander around, ask questions, and savour the incredible range of gluten-free options available.

Keep this free guide handy on your next trip to Borough Market for a stress-free, gluten-free culinary adventure. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy the delightful flavours that London's celebrated food market has to offer!

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